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With over one billion people living in conditions that we, as a global community, have declared to be unacceptable, the question facing each individual remains: What can I do to make a difference? 

The more informed you become about the realities of extreme poverty, defined as poverty that kills, the more overwhelming those realities can feel. As your awareness expands, you might feel overwhelmed by global issues, and helpless in the face of their magnitude. You desire to be a part of the solution, but are unsure of where to begin, or what avenue to begin their search.

Empowered Volunteer is an online platform offering education and training for both active and prospective poverty alleviation change agents.  The founders and staff of thousands of grassroots organizations, as well as millions of international volunteers, have consolidated access to foundational information about extreme poverty and Human-Centered Development, as well as topic-specific materials created by development practitioners and thought leaders spanning the globe. Expanding soon to thousands of pages of text and video content, the Empowered Volunteer has been crafted through an open collaboration between industry experts, supported by a team of professional web publishers.

Content is freely accessible to the general public, as well as organizational service partners. Users interested in becoming an Empowered Volunteer will soon be able to create personal profiles to track their learning. Empowered Volunteers will be able to log into the site and be guided through content in a curated manner that converts EmpoweredVolunteer.com’s rich informational content into a strategic curriculum resulting in individual and organizational certification. This sets you apart and distinguishes those dedicated to the standards set forth by Empowered Volunteer.  Empowered Volunteers will also have access to a progressive, human-centered programmatic network to foster collaboration, placements and industry transformation.

Empowered Volunteer – Empowering You to Empower Others